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          My name is Aimee and I have been an avid baker for many years. I have also moved on from owning a restaurant/pizzeria business of the last 20 years. After leaving the restaurant scene, I wanted to branch out with my baking passion to bring you the best tasting and quality gluten free and dairy free baked goods.


         In the past 5 years my family has undergone many dietary changes for health reasons. As an avid baker, I still wanted to be able to give my family the same baked goods that we had grown to love. That is where "Kookie Kueen" came to be. After years of creating gluten free and dairy free recipes, I wanted to share my passion with others that have special dietary requirements, without compromising taste and texture that can often be found in these products.


       So,if you ever find yourself at a party, family function, or holiday gathering, don't let your diet restricted one feel left out at the dessert table!

*Products are not certified gluten-free* Made in a facility that has gluten, dairy, corn, soy and nuts. Most products contain nuts.

Kookie Kueen is based in the Hudson Valley.

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